This policy is the Coach Expectations Policy for all Club coaches (head and assistant coaches). All Club coaches in the Club are required to complete this policy form and have it on file with the Club by 15 July 2019 for the 2019-2020 season.

Poor sporting behavior will not be tolerated at any Club Independent (CI), referred to in this document as the Club, event either on or off the field. The Club will diligently enforce the Code.

All coaches shall sign and agree to this policy before being allowed to take the field with their team(s) for the 2018-2019 season.


It shall be the policy of the Club for the Director of Coaching (DOC) with the oversight of the Vice President II – Team Operations, to review and retain new coaches (both head and assistant coaches) to the Club, and said coaches shall comply with/pass the annual Risk Management Report (Background Check) and complete the ImPACT Test/CDC HEADS UP concussion training program under their Club account.


The head coach shall have the responsibility of coaching their respective team(s), to include the following:
• Shall not share, send, or disseminate in any manner any player(s)/parent(s) Personal Identifiable Information (PII) including contact information to any other person or organization without the expressed consent of that player’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s).
• Hold or pursue the appropriate United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Coach License for the team age and division that they will be coaching, as necessary.
• Recruit players within the Alabama Soccer Association (ASA) guidelines.
• Develop the team game and practice schedules, with the assistance or delegation to the team manager.
• Assume responsibility for behavior and duties of team manager and volunteers.
• Procure a practice field for team practices.
o The Vice President II – Team Operations may assist in practice field procurement.
• Consider a coaching philosophy that is aligned with the Club’s philosophy of soccer development.
• Select the tournaments in which the team will play, if applicable.
o The DOC may provide recommendations for tournaments upon request.
• Perform at least one (1) team meeting with parents present before each season.
• Perform at least one (1) team meeting with parents present at the conclusion of each season.
• Provide written or verbal evaluations to players u8-u14 once per year.
• Provide written or verbal evaluations to players u15-u18 (when requested by the player or parent).
• Be available to parents to discuss their child’s play.
• Keep good communication with the team manager for all team correspondence.
• Keep good communication with the Club DOC for all correspondence to the Board.

As a Club coach, I recognize my responsibility to provide leadership and instruction, which brings the individual efforts of players and parents together to create an exceptional club and team experience. To achieve the goal of building a competitive and cohesive team, I commit to the following:
• Support and represent the Club, as well as my team(s), in a professional and dignified manner at all times.
• Lead by example in demonstrating sportsmanship and fair play, while encouraging players to do the same.
• Lead by example in respecting the referees’ decisions for they are an integral part of the game.
• Balance the desire to win with the goal of insuring appropriate developmental opportunities for all players as well as the health of the team.
• Dress professionally for soccer and insist that players follow my lead.
• Ensure that the playing environment is safe for all kids – physically and emotionally.
• Be prepared for incidents; keep a medical kit and emergency contact info readily available for my team.
• Be cognizant of the weather and avoid taking chances with lightning.
• Avoid use of profanity in speech and behavior at all times.
• Maintain a sporting environment in the company of players, free from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.
• Motivate and coach using positive reinforcement.
• Be punctual and attend all practices and games; in the event of a conflict, arrange for a suitable substitute (licensed and capable) and brief this substitute in advance as far as possible.
• Diligently prepare for each practice session, making them engaging and instructive, to maximize my players’ learning experience.
• Prepare for each game by creating a suitable strategy, especially in consideration of my teams’ seasonal plan.
• Respect my parents and players, as individuals and as a team, and earn their respect in turn.
• Respect all Club rules, policies, procedures, and regulations.
• Be ultimately responsible for the team regarding the enforcement of all Club and team policies, procedures, rules, and regulations, including the mission statement of the Club.
• Be responsible for the actions of the assistant coach(es), parent(s) and team player(s), prior to, during and after each game, practice and Club event. Repeated conduct issues or violations of the General Code of Conduct should be reported to the Club DOC and to the Club Risk Management Coordinator.
• Recognize the commitment and investment demonstrated by my team manager and parents.
• Recognize that I coach youth soccer; I will place the emotional and physical well-being of players ahead of personal ambition.
• Assume responsibility for all under my charge at practices and games, exercising good judgment with safety of bathroom breaks, nearby teams, nearby strangers, pets etc.
• Attend all scheduled Club coaches meetings, including special meetings called by the Club. It is the obligation of the head coach to advise the team and/or Club if an event cannot be attended. If the head coach cannot attend, an assistant coach shall attend in the head coach’s place. If the head coach does not have an assistant coach, the team manager shall attend in the coach’s place.
• Follow the Club General Code of Conduct – CI-POL-001.
• Implement a Player Code of Conduct Policy. Note that the Club recommended Player Code of Conduct Policy Expectations/Recommendations – CI-POL-004 – is available.
• Follow the Club Grievances Procedures Policy – CI-POL-005.
• Follow the Club Guest Playing Policy – CI-POL-006.
• Complete annually the ImPACT Training/CDC HEADS UP concussion training program under their Club account to record the completion of the training/test prior to coaching in the current annual season and successfully pass the annual Risk Management Report (Background Check).

The coach shall comply with all requirements of any applicable Federal, State or local law, rule, or regulation, comply with all Alabama Soccer Association (ASA) policies and procedures, and comply with all Club policies and procedures.


I, the undersigned, understand that any violation of this Coach Expectations Policy may result in disciplinary actions from the Club Board of Directors, from a reprimand up to and including release/removal from the Club, depending on the severity of the violation(s).

I have read and agree to uphold the Club Independent (CI) Coach Expectations Policy – CI-POL-002:

Release of Liability:

I, the coach/assistant coach, agree that I will abide by the rules of Club Independent (CI), its affiliated organizations and sponsors, and that participation is voluntary and that I may be removed from Club Independent (CI) at any time if I violate any of the rules of Club Independent (CI), its affiliated organizations and sponsors. I hereby release, discharge, will not sue, and/or otherwise indemnify Club Independent (CI), Club Independent (CI) Board of Directors, coaches, team managers, employees, volunteers, and associated personnel, and its affiliated organizations, sponsors, and vendors, including the owners of fields and facilities utilized for the Programs, against any claim by myself as a result of my participation in the Programs and/or being transported to or from the same, which transportation I hereby authorize. This Release of Liability shall be binding on me, my family, heirs, next of kin, legal representatives, beneficiaries, and successors. I further authorize my photograph, picture or likeness, and voice to appear in any documentary, promotion (including advertising), television, video, websites, social media, and radio coverage of Club Independent (CI), without compensation.

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